Selection process as from 2020

Below you will find the selection procedure, as been decided by the Competition Committee on 29.06.2016
> Added are relevant sections from the Competition Committee Meetings on 08.10.2017 and 12.11.2017
> Added / changed are relevant sections from the Competition Committee Meetings during Spring 2020 in italics

  1. The selection will abide by the Belgian Ranking List, based on all contests entered prior to September 30. To be eligible, a Belgian ranked pilot must have participated at one of the last 3 Belgian Gliding Nationals (currently called OBGN) prior to the year of the intended participation at a WGC or EGC.
  2. Pilots with a score above or equal to 700 points will be invited to email their participation interests, for the next year, to the Competition Committee prior to November 1st.
    • To:
    • Cc:;;;
  3. Pilots having marked their interest to a WGC or EGC participation for the coming year will be invited to a selection meeting in November. A pilot who is not able to participate, can be represented.
  4. A first round, to fill in a maximum of prime positions, will be limited to pilots with at least 850 points. After this is accomplished, a second round will go ahead with all the pilots having between 1000 and 700 points. Other rounds will be accomplished to fill in 2 reserve positions per class, per competition. A nominated pilot in any class or other contest can apply for a reserve pilot position. A pilot can apply for different reserve positions.
  5. At each round, a pilot will have the right to receive one position. 1 pilot = 1 position per round.
  6. Each pilot, in ranking order, will express his preferences, as well as the constraints he might be facing. (Dates, finances, glider availability, medical, family, work…)
  7. The WGC and/or EGC selection for the next year will be achieved during the meeting itself and published by November 30, including reserve pilots. At the end of the meeting, it should be clear to each participating pilot what his role will be, including within different scenarios based on the discussions.
  8. Competition Committee members who are not interested in bidding for a selection position will act as moderators. Competition Committee members who are interested in bidding for a selection position will be treated as the other candidates. The moderators will try to facilitate the constitution of competitive flying teams, if they see an opportunity to do so. However, for each round, a higher ranked pilot will keep his priority of choice over a lower ranked pilot until he renounces to it.
  9. During the selection meeting a separate calendar will be established, for each competition, stating a committing, a deposit, a registration and the entry date. Committing date will be 5 months prior to the start date of the competition for nominated pilots. It will be 4 months prior to the start date of the competition for reserve pilots, if the nominated pilot withdrew after his committing date.
  10. Withdrawing after the committing date must be highly independent of the will of the pilot. The reason of withdrawing will be assessed by the Competition Committee. Penalties for pilots withdrawing after the committing date, without an accepted reason, are the non-participation at the following year bidding for the first offence and a non participation at the bidding for the following 2 years for a second offence.

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